What Parents are Saying

Testimonials & Feedback

I cannot express in words how grateful I am for the love, care, and teaching that Mrs. Hilbert has given Missy over this past school year. She is truly a wonderful educator and mentor for the children. Missy has truly enjoyed her years at All My Children and I know that a wonderful foundation has been set for her educational years. Once again I thank you for the wonderful experience Missy has had with you and your staff and I will highly recommend your school to my family and friends!\"

Mother of Missy, Mom, Perkasie, PA

\"Mrs. Hilbert is an outstanding teacher! I have to let you know that I had my first conference with Casey\'s first grade teacher and she was really impressed with how prepared he was for first grade. Casey will still say to me -\"Remember mom, I learned that in Kindergarten with Mrs. Hilbert.\" Courtney is already looking forward to having Mrs. Hilbert as well next year!\"

Mother of Casey & Courtney, Mom, Quakertown, PA

\"Caroline Hilbert is exceptional as a Kindergarten teacher. Her ability to express the world to these children is amazing. Justin has a true thirst for knowledge. He speaks Spanish, reads, spells, does math problems and so much more. Caroline has rooted the basics and has helped Justin grow into a wealth of knowledge. \"All My Children\" gives children the support to reach their full potential. They receive a quality education in a loving atmosphere. I high recommend your school to any parent!\"

Mother of five year old Justin, Mom, Perkasie, PA

\"My husband and I chose your childcare center after interviewing five other childcare centers in the area. As a first time mom it was incredibly difficult to entrust someone else with Carter. Ms. Jen has been such a positive influence in Carter\'s life. It means the world to us that Ms. Jen takes such an interest!\"

Mother of one year old Carter, Mom, Perkasie, PA

\"As you are aware we have been sending our two children to your school for the past five years, evidence of how pleased we are with the education our children received over the years at \"All My Children\". The one-on-one instruction and smaller classroom size (as opposed to public schools), and sincere dedication and hard work of Mrs. Hilbert were the deciding factors for staying with \"All My Children\" all these years. Thank-you for making the early education process such a positive experience for our family. Be assured that if the opportunity for a referral arises, your school will receive accolades from us!\"

Mother & Father of Scotty & Anna, Mom & Dad, Quakertown, PA

Thank you for all you\'ve done through the years. We are certainly going to miss the staff and students and the friends we\'ve made throughout the years.

Christine Leifter, Mom of Nathan, Souderton, PA

Michael and I have both enjoyed the experience we have had at AMC. You made the first day of dropping him off for the first time at the age of three easier and comfortable. He has grown so much socially and has become an outgoing little man. He has learned so much more than I imagined he would in preschool. Michael loved all of his teachers and they have all been so professional and caring. Thank you for the experience and we will miss you!

Mary Murray, Mom of Michael, Souderton, PA

Aislinn\'s father and I would like to offer our sincere gratitude for the care, attention and education she received from the staff over the past five years. Like most mother\'s, I was filled with trepidation to leave my child and return to work. It didn\'t take long for me to discover that this daycare experience was going to be a positive one. What she gained in socialization, knowledge and independence from attending All My Children could never have been duplicated at home to the same degree. We take great pride in who our daughter is as a person, and All My Children has made a significant contribution to her development and character. For all of these things, we thank you!

Sherri and Barry Alderfer, Aislinn\'s Mom and Dad, Perkasie, PA